Transformation initiatives

  • ROMAERO – directly responsible for restructuring MRO from 1970 (old infrastructure, average age of employee 50+, one shift, reactive client approach) to modern lean based facility (9 production lines, 2 shifts, new structure, younger managing team, pro client flexibility, pro active client approach, new procedures, valuable returning customers)
  • LINETECH SA – directly responsible for restructuring Polish MRO: new structure prepared and implemented (managerial hierarchy, new division of responsibilities, completely redefined information flow promoting efficiency, new cost control system, improved qualified personnel retention statistics), definition and implementation of product and certification strategy to offer services with higher profit margins for example Embraer 170/190 service center in KTW, structural modification services.
  • LOT – ground up reconstruction of technical department after LOT AMS separation from LOT. Hired all staff including engineers, planners, logisticians, managers as per personally developed department structure. Full recertification of CAMO department and all procedures. Renegotiation of all existing service agreements (35M PLN savings achieved), negotiation of new long-term agreements for engine, landing gears, avionics equipment services. Redefinition of work culture from stale no-responsibility no-ambition approach to fully functioning, efficient and market competitive culture.

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